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"Professionalism is not just a word - it's a way of life"

Charles Chan
Managing Director



The essential to every our solution is a combination of value-adding services and best of breed products. we have a commitment to service in the strictest sense of the word and as a company that values repeat business, customer satisfaction is always one of our ultimate goals. By doing this we have built close relationships with a number of leading manufacturers throughout the world, also act as UK distributors of a number of these suppliers.

The BROAD range of energy saving green products includes:

    Packaged Chillers

BROAD Packaged Chiller are capable of providing cooling and heating source for any central air conditioning system serving all kinds of buildings as well as district cooling and heating systems by supplying chilled water at temperatures 3c min. and heating water 95c max. Comparing electric air conditioning, BROAD Chiller 90% less electricity consumption....(MORE)


Micro Gas Air Con


BROAD Micro Gas Air Con provides air conditioning for commercial administrative, public buildings size from 200m ~5,000m. Especially, suitable for medium and small sized hotels, restaurants, office buildings and villas. By using natural gas, the operating cost is only 30%-60%of that using electric air conditioning....(MORE)


Solar Air Con


BROAD Solar Air Con provides cooling and heating for homes, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gyms, office building, factories, etc. designed to use solar energy during day time and use an alternate fuel at night 24/7/365 operation. Appling Solar Air Con has a significance for environment, also in the right location will yield a payback in about 3-6 years....(MORE)

    Vacuum Boiler

BROAD Vacuum Boiler applies to any building heating, hot water and industrial heating requirements, provides heating to facilities with high safety requirement, Serves users whose heating demand is 60% greater than the cooling load, particularly suitable for users with temporary heating only requirements and a foreseeable future cooling demand....(MORE)

If you have any questions regarding these Products please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page or by email at info@gqsltd.co.uk

We look forward to working with you and creating new and lasting partnerships.

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