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"Professionalism is not just a word - it's a way of life"

Charles Chan
Managing Director



G.Q.S. (Marketing division) is a specialist Chinese focused market research and brand research firm assisting both European and Chinese business with business, marketing, & brand strategy.

Our strategic research division specialises in market research, brand research, brand strategy & Chinese business strategy, backed by a world-wide field research capability in both qualitative and quantitative research including focus group research, consumer surveys, on-line surveys, mystery customer & feasibility analysis.

The G.Q.S. Advantage

  • Strong track record of successful market research & brand research projects for the world's leading brands, companies, and government agencies
  • China wide field research: Every Province and major City in the People's Republic of China. Also international field work & data collection for testing Asian products and services worldwide
  • Reliable & fast data collection; Valid research analysis
  • Market research techniques developed and refined specifically for Asia
  • Original brand research analysis methods developed over 10 years and used with some of the world's leading brands, developed specifically for Asian consumer markets
  • Integrated back-translation
  • English speaking International Market Research Directors based in China for over 15 years
  • Local language field researchers, supervisors and focus group moderators
  • Responsive phone and email support after hours for clients in all time zones
  • Personal phone and email communication direct with senior and principal researchers

Market Research & Data Collection

We provide reliable and highly valid data collection, from focus groups, telephone interviews, depth interviews, field/street intercepts/interviews and structured observational methods.

Our methodologies are state of the art, and supported by our R&D program which has resulted in powerful unique methods for analyzing and making sense of raw data, especially that collected in Asia. These relate to market share estimation, identifying target market segments, life-style & market segmentation, customer satisfaction, needs & perception, and competitive positioning.

Brand Research

Our brand research services are specifically tailored for questions relating to competitive branding and brand positioning including brand recall and recognition, integrity, switching, image and many other metrics, especially tailored for Asian consumer markets. These have been used to establish or develop global brands in the Chinese market or Chinese brands in European markets.

They pay particular attention to different market segments and evaluate the need for sub brands or modified brand value statements in each. Our R&D efforts have resulted in unique and tested methods for brand research and strategy in Asia.

Asian Marketing Strategy

GQS maintains a strong record helping develop market strategy and brand strategy in China for UK and European multinationals as well as Chinese Provincial / Local governments and companies.[more]


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