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Charles Chan
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Simultaneous interpretation is the complex and highly skilled task of rendering one spoken language into another. Interpreters, working in teams of two per language, listen to the speaker and at the same time provide an interpretation of what has just been said.

Simultaneous interpretation enables all delegates to hear the speech or presentation at the same time in their native tongue and allows discussions and presentations to proceed at the same pace as a single language conference.

Here are just some of the benefits of using G.Q.S. for your meetings:

u We have a register of over 1300 qualified simultaneous interpreters

u Many interpreters on our register are based in major cities throughout Europe. This means that we can provide high quality, cost-effective interpreters wherever your meeting is being held, subject to availability.

u Our interpreters have expertise in many fields, including medical, automotive, pharmaceutical, IT and engineering

u All of our professional interpreters are bi-lingual, reducing the number of interpreters required
Interpreter logistics, including accommodation, travel arrangements and the distribution of presenters papers, can all be handled by one of our highly trained interpreter co-ordinators, who will be appointed to your event

If required we can also provide an interpreter team leader or interpreter co-ordinator, at nominal expense, to act as your single point of contact with the simultaneous interpreters on site.


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